1066 Wasn’t All That How does the past become history? These interviews explore what different kinds of evidence can tell us about the past.

April 30, 2014  
In our fourth episode, Benazir Kamal interviews Emily Magrath about her research on changes to Native American identity in early twentieth-century Oklahoma. They discuss the varied effects of boarding schools, the English language, and formalised religion, as well as the lasting impact of the attempt to create the State of Sequoyah.

Emily's researcher profile can be found on the RCAS North West website.

March 26, 2014  

In this episode, University of Nottingham PhD student Daniel O'Neill explains the developments in cigarette advertising as public knowledge of the dangers increased, as well as giving an insight into his intrepid exploration of the John Player & Sons archive.

Warning: contains bad poetry.
January 27, 2014  

How did Royalists cope following the defeat of their cause in the British Civil War? What made it into their letters, diaries and scrapbooks? And how did they prevent their letters from giving the recipients smallpox? Plus forged passports, suspiciously tired horses, and why a good camera can be a historian's best friend.

Robbie Rudge is a PhD student in History at the University of Nottingham. For more on his topic visit the 1066 blog.
January 11, 2014  
Why can't Liverpool and Manchester be friends? Why were 18th-century adverts so long? How is Ben staying sane as he writes up his thesis? All this and more in our pilot episode!

Ben Wilcock is in his writing-up year at the University of Manchester, working on the thesis, "The Supply and Demand of High-End Consumer Goods in the North West, c.1720-1785". His other goal for 2014 is to double his twitter following.

For more on his topic visit the 1066 blog.